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December 2014

Christmas at Leo's by Gillibran Brown

Gillibran Brown - December
The Halls of Hell by Dizzy
Enoch Chapter 7 by Dizzy 

June 2014

Gillibran Brown - May

Gillibran Brown - June

Exciled - A New Beginning Revised

How Many? by Lady Jodie

Lightening by Lady Jodie

Another Life Chapters 4 and 5 by Dizzy 

Bedtime Swat by Kristy

Rainy Days by Katie

Lessons to Learn III by Rosemarie

A Mid Morning Correction by Jet

An Afternoon Confession by Jet

April 2014

Gillibran Brown

Revelations: Memoirs of a Houseboy excerpt, by Gillibran Brown

Super Shambles by Lady Jodie

Just Asking by Lady Jodie
Why the Tears by Lady Jodie

Black Friday by Lady Jodie and Dee

Unforeseen by Lady Jodie and Brad

Little J by PJ and Dizzy 

Another Life Chapters 1, 2, and 3 by Dizzy
Retreat by Dizzy

February 2014

Little Fantasies: Armageddon by Dizzy

Brother Dear by Xanthe


  1. Nice site. Wish you had gotten back to me about posting a discipline fic here.

    1. I'm sorry that I didn't...I've been struggling with health issues...so it is best to keep trying with me. Why don't you try and e-mail me again. I'm doing a big update of the sight right now. Tarabeth1210@yahoo.com

  2. I was hoping to submit a story to this site, but got no response to my email. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks!

  3. I really don't take stories submitted to the site anymore. I primarily link to authors' story pages. Most authors use this site Blogger, WordPress or set up their own webpage. If you set up your page let me know.