Favorite Characters

Best Top – Male
§  Mason Flemming-Monroe by Tarabeth and Jo
§  Flynn O’Sullivan by Rolf and Ranger
§  James Lefavbre by Mel and Tarabeth
§  Vincent LaMaur by Myst and LJ
§  Thomas Fields of Exiled
§  Pieter de Vries by Cobweb and the Woodgnome
§  Rick by Jenny
§  Dominic by Lady Jodie
§  Tilden by Natasha
§  Quill by Natasha
§  Milton by Natasha
§  Dr. Nelson Jameson by Nelson
§  Jasper by Rolf and Ranger
Best Top –Female
§  Fran Milton by Hic Draconis
§  TJ Landis by Tarabeth
§  Cassie by Alyx
Best Brat – Male
§  Dale Aden by Rolf and Ranger
§  Kyle by Jenny
§  Quinn Sweeney by Mel and Tarabeth
§  Riley by Rolf and Ranger
§  Skyy by Lady Jodie
§  Darby by Lady Jodie
§  Rene by Lady Jodie and Mel
§  Jackson by Nelson
§  Todd by Mel and LJ
§  Kadyn by Myst and LJ
§  Harry Gordon by Pooky Verde
§  Andrew by Jenny
§  Galen Manara from Exiled
§  Jake by Natasha
§  Matthew by RolfRolf and Ranger, and Rolf and Gay Spankee
Best Brat – Female
§  Katie – by Tarabeth
§  Nicky—by Alyx
Best Couple, Threesome, or Family
§       Hugh, Patrick and Kyler by Lady Jodie and Teri
§       Hayden & Todd and Zack & Rene by Mel and LJ
§       Flynn, Jasper, Paul, Riley and Dale by Rolf and Ranger
§       James and Quinn by Mel and Tarabeth
§       Harry and Sam by Pooky Verde
§       Ross and Jerry by Cobweb
§       Alexey and Mikhail by Jay
§       Aiden, Larry and Spyke of Exiled
§       Reggie and Eric by Mel
Best Fan Fiction Couple, Threesome or Family
Best Supporting Character
§       Fran by Hic Draconis
§       Mary Hamilton – Team Trials
§       Brad in the Jackson Stories by Nelson
§       John from the Legal Aid Stories
§       Luath in Three Traders by Rolf and Ranger
§       Mark by RolfRolf and Ranger, and Rolf and Gay Spankee
§       Thomas by Tarabeth and Jo
§       Milton in Reality Check by Natasha
§       Thomas In Three Traders by Rolf and Ranger
§       Dan in Quill’s Corner by Natasha

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